Dot One Design laser cut!

Dot One Design laser cut!

D&AD - Ministry of Sound Brief

Meeting 5

Present: Tom Berne,  Josh Ogden, Luke Patton

Absence: Nicky Clark

Location: Luke’s studio

Date: 7th February, 2012

Time start: 15:30 pm

Time finish: 18:30 pm

Outline: Today we met up at Luke’s house to discuss in more detail the progress within this brief. We had the concept, and we were pretty certain how we wanted the visuals to work as, however needed to experiment with layouts for the content. The related folder contains the logo, brand guidelines and the content, in which September poster has 5 weeks (odd number; which can cause frustration when laying out work). Josh, Luke and I took turns on the wide screen mac, producing several different layouts until one worked best or worked the closest. 

We also discussed paper stock and decided to ring up a few companies such as GH Smith to enquire about paper weight (700 gsm or more) and if possible able to print. Luke soon suggested that using screen print media as opposed to a company supplying and printing for us could be a more cost efficient method and would still be able to produce the final outcome. I felt quite comfortable with this process as Josh is experienced using screen printing, which is beneficial and time consuming (research and methods on how to use etc).

Next tasks: Due to difficulties of finding the correct layout for the content, we decided to experiment on layouts, ready to present to the rest of our group on Thursday. We will be able to discuss with lecturers in the Print department below the main studio, if A2 screens can be prepared on time. We will also visit the BU shop to prepare for materials for our final prototype

D&AD - Ministry of Sound Brief

D&AD - Ministry of Sound Brief


Present: Tom Berne, Nicky Clark,  Josh Ogden, Luke Patton
Absence: -
Location: Luke’s Studio
Date: 31st January, 2012
Time start: 15:30pm
Time finish: 19:00pm
Outline: Today, Luke kindly invited us to his home/studio to discuss the project further in terms of ideas, colours, and methods of producing. I was able to put together 3 visuals of our initial idea of using layers and luminescent ink to create a fun and energetic effect for our audience. These visuals helped us discuss possible ways of producing the outcomes, which resulted in giving individuals certain tasks to balance the work out and get things completed on time for our next meeting. 
Having agreed on a layout is our first step, and it was time to discuss the choice of typography; bearing in mind these must be typographic posters, so this is an important element, deciding the colours using the provided colour pallet and exploring more layouts using the visuals as base designs. 
Next tasks: We set ourselves tasks to get on to meet on Thursday 2nd February to present each work. I have listed the individual tasks below:
Tom: Explore colours, and experiment using a mixture of colours. 
Luke: Experiment with the logo, and layouts. 
Nicky: Purchase some ink and experiment with. 
Josh: Research and find several typefaces that relate with our poster ideas. 


some screen prints i did for a project at university. i have to make a poster for a toy i’m designing and making (3d) they’re not perfect but still look alright. i think the colours work pretty darn good too.

Feeling this screen-print by steed!

Interview with Ian Rankin


Reference: Here

Ian Rankin is one of the best crime writers who ever got into the bloody business by accident. On his way to a doctorate in Scottish literature at the University of Edinburgh, he began exploring his dark, baffling city by…

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The labels for the side of the pots.
I’m aware that vegetables is spelt wrong…

The labels for the side of the pots.

I’m aware that vegetables is spelt wrong…

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Ok think we’re getting there…

Ok think we’re getting there…

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